Meet Sarah Hammond


Get to know the woman behind the movement, what she stands for, and what her plans are to make our district — and our state — better for us all!

My name is Sarah Hammond and I’m exhausted from having representatives who lack the transparency and drive to bring needed change to Harrisburg. This leaves we the people to foot their expensive bill with little benefit to show.


As a lifelong Hanover native, I’m a small town woman with blue-collar roots who understands the negative impact that political gridlock creates for working-class families. Too many of us are living paycheck to paycheck and struggling to get by while waiting on relief from Harrisburg that never comes.


That’s why I’m standing up to give a voice to those in our community whose daily lives teeter on the edge of financial stability, even after full work weeks. I’ll create solutions for issues
causing economic hardship in our community so that more of our hardworking families can prosper.


I believe in what we can accomplish and, most importantly, I believe in you. It’s time for a fresh start in Harrisburg. A vote for me is a vote for change! Thank you.