Attending a good public school should not be determined by where we grow up and how much money we have. Children should have the right to a good education, capable of allowing them the satisfaction of becoming independent adults with plenty to contribute to our community. When we invest in our children, we invest in our future. There is little doubt that our public education system is struggling, but we can work together to fix it.

By placing an emphasis on technical-based higher education programs and apprenticeship opportunities, we can work to build an education system that prepares students to work in our 21st century economy. Students should have access to STEM programs, technical programs, and the arts. Studies have shown that students who excel in these areas become more well-rounded, well-spoken individuals who make smoother transitions to the local economy. As a graduate of the public education system (Hanover High School 2011; Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania 2016) and now as a track coach, I am grateful for the education I received. I have experienced first-hand the importance of public education and will work to ensure this investment in our future is not wasted.