Jobs and Economy

The American Dream was knit from the fabric of hard-working families like ours in the 169th District. We were told that, if we worked hard and channeled our energy toward our jobs, we would earn enough to give our families and ourselves comfortable lives. We were told that, one day the fruits of our labor would lead us into a leisurely retirement. We were told these things, yet, many hard-working people who devote 40-80 hours per week to their jobs still live in poverty. Our long hours and low wages stretch too many families to a financial breaking point. Nobody should have to choose whether to pay utilities or feed their kids, yet these are decisions some of us face.

As a small-town woman with blue collar roots, I understand the struggle that many mid-low income families face. One of my major goals is to create solutions to the economic hardships in our district. We need to increase capital lending to small businesses, support our workers’ ability to join unions, and work with local organizations to provide job-training programs. Together, as peers, neighbors, and co-workers, we will work to fulfill a new American Dream, built on hard work and economic justice. When that dream becomes a reality, all of us will prosper.